Sunday Watch May 22nd, 2016

Welcome to another Sunday watch- Psalm 92:10-15

Faith still works wonders today. The anointing in this commission shall refresh you and reposition you. Every family stagnation in your family shall be broken

As you join us, you have come into the company of solutions and you shall never be a victim of confusion and stagnation in JESUS NAME. God will prove to you that you have come to your mountain of refuge.

Gen 4:4. Abel gave his first fruits to the Lord and the Lord had respect on him. Every seed you sow here shall heaven honour and I pray that the Lord will have respect unto you and your seeds.

Every encounter begins with an expectation. Without expectation there can be no manifestation. Therefore, define your expectation. Tell God you are not here for stories but you are here for an encounter. Tell God to manifest himself to you. You are walking into liberty today

The host of Egyptians that you see today, you shall see them no more forever.

Unveiling the unlimited Power of faith

1 Tim 3:9. Faith is define as a mystery

The subject is far above scientific analysis and motivational cheap talks.

This month must mark the end of all struggles in your life.


Heb 4:9-11. As you enter rest, you have committed God to take over your battle. Exodus 14:14 Psalm 46:10, Daniel 3:18, Exodus 20:4 worry put God off, allow him to take over your battle. If you will never bow, God will never fail. In the name of Jesus every area of struggle in your life must find rest this season

We are here to destroy corruption and not to be part of it.

Faith only works with the truthful.

Heb 11:24-27  Moses became conscious of Gods presence and partnership. Faith is partnering with the invisible to witness the impossible. Active partnership with the invisible God will reposition your life and empower the ordinary man to encounter extraordinary things.

Any witch or wizard hunting any member of this forum will not survive the anointing of today. They shall be humiliated from today. Every captive is going free from today

“Faith is manifested through the mystery of the tongue. It takes an open mouth to experience the unlimited power of Faith.

Faith DEMANDS THAT WHAT YOU BELIEVE must be declared Mark 11:23 whatever is too big for your mouth is too big for your hand”

“Isaiah 53:7-8. No matter the anointing of your life, if your mouth is not open, you will be afflicted. As long as your mouth is closed, you stand the risk of been afflicted and oppressed. As long as your mouth is close your destiny is at a risk. You must say lavishly what God says. The rule of the game is that you must declare with your mouth everything you believe in my heart. You can give forever as long as you keep talking poor, you wont see riches or harvest”

Faith operates and delivers through the tongue.

If you don’t know how to sign your cheque you wont get your money. Faith will turn your situation into testimonies.

James 2:18, faith delivers on corresponding actions on issues. Faith always places a demand for delivery. NO ACTION  NO ACCESS.

Luke 4:14, 18. Anointing is spiritual empowerment ordained for dominion, triumph and victory for the saints. 2 chronicles 22:7. Every battle against anyone’s life shall be turned into an open testimony

1 Sam 16:13. The mystery of the anointing oil Luke 4:18

The breakthrough Power of God is in the oil. 1 Sam 16, 1 Sam 18. Before the end of this year, it will be clear that God has changed your story. Isaiah 61:2-4. You are not part of the problem but a certified solution provider

The yoke destroying power of God is in the anointing. Isaiah 10:25-27. Any force holding you, as the anointing comes on you the yokes will be destroyed forever.

The protection power of God is in the anointing oil  Psalm 105:15. The anointing separates you from every kind of assault. No witch will set their eyes on you.

The healing of power of God is in the anointing oil. Mark 6:7, 13, James 5:14-15

The turnaround power of God is in the anointing oil. 1 Sam 10:6. God will turn you into a surprise for yourself. I decree, Your work shall undergo a dramatic turnaround. Psalm 92:10. In the name of Jesus, You will be turn into a living testimony among all men