Sunday Watch May 1st, 2016

Psalm 126:1-6

The battle is already declared over and won. We are winning and shame unto satan.

In this first day of May, LIFT YOUR HANDS AND CELEBRATE God for who he is. Thank him for your life and the grace that is made manifest to you. Give him glory and Praise

The Lord sent a word to Joseph and his life was turned around forever. Tell God to turn your life around forever. I decree, the release of your own word. The word that will establish your recovery, receive it today. The word that will return your redemptive dignity, receive it today

Isaiah 42:18-22. When you engage the word, everything will turn around for you. The month of May signifies the opening of new chapter. Therefore, whatever is in stock for anyone of us here shall not be lost to carelessness. May this month marks the beginning of new obedience in your life

It is the month of amazing return for seeds sown.

Heb 4:3 Restful confidence Heb 4:9

The platform for the supernatural  Psalm 46:10 Be still. Faith still works wonders. Eph 2:8. Faith is the facilitator of Grace, the stronger your faith the greater the grace

It is grace that makes great. So greatness is a function of Faith. Matt 9:29 not according to your situation but according to your faith

Hosea 12:10 whatever represents issue in your life will look like they never existed because you have come to have an encounter with destiny. Therefore, every close door will burst open. Luke 16:28-30

You will have a definite encounter with destiny

Engaging the wonders of faith.

The supernatural to faith. The faith question must be answered before the supernatural can flow. Matt 9:28-29, Mark 4:40. Heb 11:33-34. Faith is the most potent force in the universe.

Faith is no cheap talk, it is hard work, working hard on the word. Faith demands labour to grow and develop. Heb 4:11.

If you don’t read nothing, you don’t learn nothing, your faith will die.

Faith is sharing responsibility with God so as to have your desire delivered. Knowing your part of any deal. What must I do, what shall I do to access my inheritance Mark 10:17, what must I do to be successful in life- the man diligent, dedicated to his task, there will be no limit for you

The company you keep has a lot to do with what accompanies you. Gen 13:5

Covenant day of recovery. Rom 10:17. God has a recovery plan for you. John 10:10. Whatever has been stolen from you, when you are save it becomes your legal right to have them recovered.

Redemption entitles you for recovery, no matter what the enemy might have stolen from you, under this prophetic anointing, I decree, instant recovery for you Joel 2:22-27

Recoveries of unthinkables always accompany the move of the Spirit.

Your glory will be recovered. The reproaches of your life you will see them no more.

1 Sam 30:3-8. Whatever you may have lost are coming back to you supernaturally 1 Sam 30:19. Whatever made you a laughing stock among men, you are recovering all today. Psalm 34:10.

2 Cor 5:17. 1 Tim 4:8.

What must I do to qualify for your recovery

Number One: Born again. Your must be born again.

Number Two: No double dealing  Psalm 16:4. Following after another God, complicates your matter. Palm 62:5 The vision of the LORD are in the book.