Sunday Watch May 15th, 2016

Celebrate the Lord Jesus in the house this morning. In todays’ service, God will enforce your restoration.

He is the Lord that healeth me

 John 6:48-58 – He that eateth the bread of life shall live forever

 Everyone in the company of the blessed shall receive the blessing of the blessed.

And the scripture says ‘Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him Gen 26:12” As you sow in this commission, receive the same blessings

Faith holds the answer to all questions of our lives. Mark 9:23. Mark 5:35-36. Faith has capacity to revert any situation. God will give you an encounter with the healing virtue. Let today be a day of full restoration of health

Every negative medical verdict shall be reverted this morning. As faith rises in your heart it shall be turn to a testimony 2 Cor 6:2. Today is your day of instant healing.

Faith is a spiritual treasure of inestimable value. Everything about posterity, eternity and future answers to faith. Matt 9:29. The worth of any man’s life in the kingdom is the amount of faith at work in him. 1John 5:4, Psalm 91:7. As the Lord liveth, the siege of humanity will not temper with your destiny

Hab 2:4, Heb 4:2. Revelation only becomes profitable with faith. You’ve got to believe before you can experience it. Psalm 103:1-3. It is what you believe that you are empowered to become. John 1:12

Faith is the covenant trigger for the manifestation of the power of God. Luke 8:44. When you pull it, virtue flows and when virtue flows, your situation changes. Rom 1:16. Faith is the answer to all human challenges Eph 6:16.

Isaiah 14:27 when God is out to work no one can stop him. Isaiah 43:13. Mark 10:27. By faith you provoke the hand of God on your life. Therefore in the name of Jesus, whatever disease that came with you shall not return with you.

Testimonies of instant healing. Matthew 8:1-3, Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 1:31, Mark 2:5, 12, Heb 13:8 Jesus still heals instantly today Acts 9:34-36, Acts 14:8-10, Acts 3:8, 16. Whatever tree God has not planted that is growing in your life shall be uprooted today

Why Jesus heals instantly

John 5:21-25 – All things committed to his hands

What empowers Christ to heal instantly Matthew 28:18. He has all Power. Psalm 66:3. The power behind your sickness must bow to Christ today. Philippians 2:10-11. You are getting free today

No satanic oppression has a scientific solution. The issues are purely demonic. Medical science only manages them. All attack against your life, I command them destroyed in the name of Jesus. This is your day of victory.

John 8:12, John 1:1-5, 14  when Jesus steps in , darkness bows out. Luke 22:53. Dominion of light over darkness is unquestionable, no contention. I see all the powers of darkness stepping out of your life today

Every affliction is a manifestation of the power of darkness. Jesus says darkness has no power to prevail when he takes over. John 9:5. I declare, that terminal disease is declared terminated

His compassion moves God to heal us. Matthew 14:14. Every child of God is a vessel of mercy so you are entitle to His compassion. As you call for mercy today, he will clear every mess in your life.

As you partake of the communion, whatever is not like Christ shall no more be found in my life. Say to the devil enough is enough Revelation 12:11.

The price has been fully paid, delivery must be automatic. Declare, I am working into liberty by the force of Faith. The moment your faith comes alive, your delivery becomes natural. You are free at last. Whatever is not of God in you shall be vomitted today