Sunday Watch March 5th, 2017

Covenant day of settlement Psalm 124:1-8. Our help is in the name of the Lord

Breakthrough shall become your identity as you partner with us.

Luke 6:38. Until you give, men will not give unto your bosom. I announce, the windows of heaven shall be open in your direction.

We serve a God of settlement. Job 34:29. Every area of unrest around your life is turned to a testimony today. 2 Chronicles 15:19. Today is your day of all round rest.

Somebody here, the storm of your life is over today.

What Wisdom is this`? James 3:17

Four kinds of wisdom

  1. Common sense.
  2. Wisdom from above. Job 28:27-28, Job 28:12-13, Gen 41:39 Dan 5:21, Dan 2:46, 1 Kings 4:29,31. 1 Kings 3:17, 4:31. That same deposit is coming alive in your own life this month

What is divine wisdom? Holyghost inspired insight Gen 41:16. Holyghost generated. It is applied knowledge of the truth. Luke 5:6-7. Matt 7:24-25. Prov 8:5.

Divine insight as in the case of Daniel 2:19. Divine secret into the affairs of life. Knowing what to do supernaturally that will open your destiny. Dan 2:28

Job 28:9 it has unlimited capacity to root out all evil and mountains. Luke 11:49. 1 Cor 1:24. Ecc 8:4, Rom 1:16. The bible is wisdom and power bank. 2 Pet 1:21, 2 Tim 3:16. All scripture is inspiration packaged and inspiration accessible Job 32:8. In the name of the Lord Jesus, this is your month of the wisdom of God that covers all areas in your life. Eph 3:10

Gods wisdom never lack proofs. It comes down to us by inspiration. You will not miss out of it. John 2:7-8. John 9:7, John 6:10. John 6:6. 2 Chro 20:20. Prophetic coverage is still real today.

Channels of divine wisdom

Prov 9:10, GEN 42;18, Dan 6:5, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom Psalm 111:10. Psalm 25:14.

Another channel: word encounter. Every encounter with the word is an encounter with divine wisdom Luke 11:49, Psalm 119:130.

Number three: The empowerment of the HolySpirit. John 14:26. Unlimited memory capacity. John 16:13. Ecc 10:10. 1 Cor 2:10

What must I do to sustain access to divine wisdom

  1. Be born again. Mat 11:19
  • Be filled and remain filled in the HolyGhost

Wisdom Keys

There is always what to do. Acts 16:31. The conditions must be met. Mat 9:28-29. You need Faith. 1 Peter 5:10. 2 Cor 6:2, Matt 8:2-3. 2 Kings 7:1-2. 19. Psalm 30:5. Hosea 6:2. Somebody here will be settled today. This week is your week of settlement.

Keys to our settlement

Labour in the word. Heb 4:3,9-12

We must stay in love with Christ to be settled. Rom 8:28, John 14:21. Gods greatest love on earth is souls John 21:15-17. Receive grace to demonstrate your love for God. You are settled all round.

Enter into a covenant to serve God as a lifestyle. “2 Chro 15:15, 19. Matt 6:6

Be planted in the house of God. Psalm 132:14-16 Psalm 92:13-15.

You must pray for your settlement. 1 Chro 4:9-10. You can demand your settlement. 2Cor 4:17.  1Pet 5:10. Matt 6:11. 2 Thess 3:10.

Whatever you don’t bless God for, you are entitled to lose it. Gal 3:13. Be committed to working for God.