Sunday Watch January 10th, 2016

Sunday Watch January 10th, 2016

In this second Sunday of the month of January and the year 2016, it shall be your day of total recovery of anything the devil has stolen from you.

Psalm 126:1- 6 The Lord shall do great things for you today

Let the encounter today usher you into a glorious living.

It is the light before the glory Isaiah 60:1. Testimonies are ordained to reproduce themselves to whoever that receives them. It is a pointer to your heritage in Christ.

All of Gods commands are ordained for our profiting. 2 Timothy 3:17, Heb 4:2. Receive, believe and apply then Gods word adds value to us

Fasting and prayers enhances our access to supernatural empowerment.

Psalm 63:1. No one sees his glory without a thirsty soul and a longing flesh. It is impossible to operate in the realm of power without fasting and prayer as your lifestyle. You must subscribe to the demand of Prayer and fasting.

You can have a teaching ministry without fasting but you cant have a power ministry without fasting. Psalm 66:3 it is your power level that determines your dominion level. Isaiah 58:6, Jer 30:21. It takes engagement of the heart in reaching out to heaven. Only those who engage the heart ends up with testimony

Prayer and fasting facilitates the fulfilment of prophecy 1:1Tim:18, 1 Kings 18:41-44

Psalm 78:25. Manna is Angels food. Psalm 105:37 John 6:58, I declare, you will be a surprise to yourself in this new year.

You can pray your way out of carnality and pray your way to the favour of God. You can destroy whatever is standing on your way to glory. Hear me, there is no of life issues without a solution with God. It is not unspiritual to be challenged but it is unscriptural to be defeated. I declare, every challenge in your life shall surrender to you.

2016 demand personal responsibility for maximum delivery. You must take a break from anything that constitutes spiritual leakage. Those who make news don’t watch them. Your testimony this year shall call for celebration and qualify for News headline