Sunday Watch Jan. 28th, 2018

Sunday Watch Jan. 28th, 2018

Special Impartation Service

This is your day of testimony.

Psalm 126:1-6  God will connect you to your destiny helpers

Isaiah 58:9 Father, we thank you for all the answer prayers and divers encounter from the first day up to now. Testimonies abound to your faithfulness. We give you thanks. We celebrate your faithfulness.

Father, thank you for silencing all the troublers of our nation Nigeria. Job 5:12

Tell God to let the impartation service of today answer for me. Change my story forever. >Something you will never forget in your life will be pass over to you today. Acts 10:44. It is your new Dawn era.

Maximising the blessedness of prayers and fasting. Gods commandment are ordained for our profiting. Isaiah 58:6-14, Fasting will free you from every yoke. It is to secure your glorious liberty in Christ Matthew 17:21. Every oppressed soul shall be set free today. Every yoke around your life shall be destroyed today. Isaiah 10:27. Today is your day

Acts 2: 3, Acts 4:31-33 Ezekiel 37:3-5. Anointing is in degree, to keep your hunger and thirst in the  faith. Today God is changing your level.

Acts 4:18, the name of Jesus chokes the kingdom of darkness. 2 Kings 2:15 there was a leap that made Elisha anointing. Impartation is simply the transferring of spiritual gift. Rom 1:11. It is a spiritual medium through which we partake of the grace and the unction of the Holyghost upon an anointed vessel. Phil 1:7, Psalm 133:2-3. 2 kings 2:9 A medium of replication and duplication of grace.

A medium which you contact healing deliverance and special miracles. Acts 19:11. That special problem shall be rounded up by Gods special miracles today. Anything tormenting your life in one way or another must vanish today. Deut 34:7. Your total dignity shall be restored today.

The overflowing anointing of the priest is in the mantle. Psalm 45:8. Luke 8:43. 48. The faith you engage shall make you whole. Some are not sick but they are not really well, today, your energy level will come back today. Psalm 133:2

 Eph 2:20, Acts 19:11-12. Everything molesting your Christianity will get out of your life today.

What qualifies you to access the prophetic mantle

  1. Believe in the revelation concerning the Prophetic mantle. Heb 4:12, 1 Sam 17:39, Matt 14:36, believing will open impossible door. Every door shut against your destiny shall be open up today.
  2. Believe in the person and ministry of the Prophet. 2 Chronicles 20:20, Mark 6:5-6, Matt 10:41
  3. Covert earnestly the grace and the unction the Prophet carries. 1 Cor 12:31
  4. Honour the carrier from your heart. Isaiah 29:13, Mark 6:4, no honour, no faith and no faith, there is no access to miracle. Prov 13:22, 2 Kings 6.21. it is your turn to enter your new era realm
  5. Engage as a child to your Prophet. He is you Father.
  6. Stay connected for continuous grace and flow. 2 Kings 2:14.

what you are receiving today shall never stop. Every siege of barrenness shall be destroyed, every career spell shall be over. Today shall mark in your life the journey of a new day. Prov 1:16-17