Sunday Watch February 28th, 2016

Today celebrate his faithfulness for his grace to be part of the last Sunday of February 2016. Let Today be a special day for each one and a turning point

Catch a word that will provoke your story for your next level change

Your destiny shall be recovered and decorated. Today shall be a change of position.

2 Sam 6:11 engage the ark and in three months God will turn your life around.

Engaging the breakthrough Power of the word.

All the forces of breakthrough reside in the word. Jer 23:29, when all hell gather against you, Jesus is the stone Matt 21:44. No rock of the devil can stop the word of God from having his way. When the fire of the Lord engulfs your life, all the forces that obstruct others give way to you.

John 1:5

The answer to your change of story and change of level is in the word. 2 Cor 3:18.

To sit down doing nothing this year is to waste a destiny, You don’t experience a change sitting down

Until you take responsibility for the change you desire, you will never experience it.

Psalm 24:1. There is nothing inside you that will attract God to envy you. God owns you.

When you depend on what man can do you are utterly limited

Something must erupt in your life today. From today, without human hand your life will keep changing level.

Job 22:21-25

A condition for the manifestation of change is to put iniquity far from you.

Psalm 112:1-3. If you are a giver and a thief, you can’t Prosper.

If you are not faithful, you are not a candidate of financial fortune. In the name of Jesus, Grace to live an upright life in your financial dealings receives it now.

Lack of financial integrity will disqualify you from receiving from God

No gang up of the enemy can change your destiny because what God blesses, he defends. Job 1:9. As God continue to promote you, any witch or wizard troubling is wasting their time, they will be crush.

Genesis 8:22 is the law that launches men into financial fortune, until you become a cheerful giver, you are not a candidate to prosper.

Take extra ordinary steps to provoke extraordinary returns. Until we take responsibilities, you will continue to live as liabilities. Deut 8:18. God empowers us for wealth on the platform of His covenant.

2 Cor 9:6-8 The law of seedtime and harvest is law of sowing and reaping.

You sow bountifully to access financial fortune

Until you past the giving test you are not on your way to financial fortune.

It is kingdom dream of giving that facilitates financial dominion Gen. 14:19, 23

Every true tither provokes divine fortune. It is the foundation of financial fortune Malachi 3:10

Every financial seed is simply a spiritual transaction to provoke divine intervention. Your giving can revoke any generational curse on your life Gen 17:1, Gen 8:21. 1 Kings 3:3, Gen 22:16, Hebrews 7:7-8, Lev 27:30. Grace to stop talking poverty and to walk with God receive it now in Jesus name

Gal 3:13. You will access global realm without stress. No matter what you are going through now, this is your hour of glorious opportunity. 2 Cor 8:9.

Gen 47:27. Everything came down in Egypt only the covenant children went up.