Sunday Watch February 12th, 2017

Covenant day of vengeance.

Every judgment standing against you shall now be to your favour.

Psalm 7:9-17. The wickedness of the wicked shall come to an end.

Exodus 4:2,22. Whatever wont let you go must go down for you today. Whatever has held your health down, your career down, your marital destiny down, must go down for you. Luke 18:7-8. Call out for vengeance in the camp of your enemy. May you return with the testimony of vengeance

You are spiritually conditioned.

Engaging the Power of revelation- Teaching series for February.

Engaging the revelation of the God of vengeance.

Rom 12:19. Every agent of the devil behind the torment and the tortures of your life will pay for it today

1 Sam 2:6  we serve a two sided God. Every arrow that may have been tormenting any area of your life shall return back to sender.  Psalm 94:1. God will manifest His other side in your favour. You are going to hear News of divine massacre in the camp of your enemy. Luke 18:1-8.

Execution of vengeance is one major way to put an end to the wickedness of the wicked. Psalm 7:9, Ecc 8:11. There must be speedy judgment and it shall answer in your favour today. Today, the unseen forces behind your ordeals will come to an end today. Exodus 12:12, 31.

Under this prophetic covering, everything tormenting you will be tormented. Within the next 7 days, you will hear news that your persecutor is now gone.  Your destiny shall open up.

Psalm 74:20 There is wickedness in this world but today vengeance will bring it to an end in your life. Exodus 22:18. Therefore, every agent of the devil bewitching your destiny will go down for you today. Exodus 14:23, 13 You will see them no more

It is our redemptive right to curse. Gen 12:3. Mark 11:19-23. Acts 13:11. Isaiah 54:14-17. Everything you condemn today will be a death sentence. Everything that mocks your destiny in Christ is curse. 2 Kings 2:24. Whatever makes people asked where is your God, comes under a curse today in the name of Jesus.

Luke 4:19. Isaiah 61:2-3. We are in the days of vengeance of our God. Whatever wont let you go must go for you. Isaiah 63:4. Your year has come. Whatever makes men question the faithfulness of our God is turn to a testimony for you today.

Prophets are Gods righthand for executing vengeance. Hosea 12:13, Exodus 14:13 Every force pursuing you are brought down. Psalm 74:9-12. Every shame and reproach is wiped out of your life forever. Your shame is returned a double glory. 2 kings 1:10-12, Acts 13:8-11

Number One: You are ordained an untouchable entity on the earth.  Zech 2:8.  Psalm 105:15. Acts 7:38, every evil hand smearing your destiny are cut of today. Exodus 23:20-22. God will become an enemy to your enemies

Number two: You are uncursable. Numbers 23:23. Gal 3:29. Rom 2:28-29. Genesis 20:3. 18. Anyone holding any aspect of your destiny and inheritance is a dead man

Four things to do to qualify for vengeance

Number one. Exodus 4:23 be born again.

Number two: Believe in the God of vengeance  1 John 5:4

Number Three: commit to serving God and the interest of His kingdom Exodus 4:23 . Mal 3:17-18, Job 1:9-10

Number Four: Speak boldly against your adversary.  Psalm 81:10-14. Luke 21:15 It is a mystery for sustaining your mercies. You are not permitted to be tormented any further

I declare, within 7 days, vengeance will answer in the camp of my enemies.