Sunday Watch April 10, 2016

Thank God that you are not in mortuary but in his sanctuary

Psalms 112:1-10   “ The wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish.” Expect a remarkable change of position today

No matter what you are going through, you have no need to worry. Your season of wonder without number is now. Your own story of breakthrough shall be the next

Every genuine encounter with the word changes a man’s story 2Cor 3:18. It is your day, your time of breaking forth. Celebrate His faithfulness right now

Your encounter with God today must visibly change your story. Every trace of stagnation and financial struggle is turned to a testimony from today

Topic: Gate way of financial dominion.’

Deut 8:18

Not luck, not chance but on covenant is your financial dominion established.

According to Isaiah 60:1-3  in the midst of gross darkness is the celebration of light.

Darkness will never be a concern to light. So whatever is a concern to you receives the light today. The light that will establish your dominion over the economy today comes your way today

“Financial dominion anchors on seed time and harvest. Gen 8:22, 2 Cor 9:6, Phil 4:15, 19. According to what heaven can afford shall your needs be met.

Financial seed is not a donation but a spiritual transaction that commits Gods integrity to establish and make good his promise and your blessings delivered to you. Gen 8:21, 1 Kings 3:3-5. Get excited.”

Jer 33:21-26   Heb 6:13-15

Pov 4:22. Stay on word medication, Prov 23:7

Prov 18:21. Are you interested in the offer for financial virtue. Prov 3:9

The main, the main of financial fortune is tithing.

Job 22:23-24


Instructions: steps to take

2Cor 8:9, Rev 5:12, by redemption you are a candidate of financial fortune. All you need is follow instructions

Prov 4:13 Instructions are faster and only way to financial fortune. The quality of a man’s life is how he gets connected to Instructions. Every high flyer in the kingdom is an addicted follower of instructions. It defines the quality of your future. Psalms 112:1. May you receive grace to follow every instructions

Why God blesses

Primarily so we can be a blessing to our world Gen 12:1-3. God will not bless anyone beyond his commitment. Your capacity to be a person determine how you are blessed.

God blesses so that you will become Promoters of the kingdom of God Exodus 35;4,22

Prov 28:27, Give to the needed Job 29:4-18,

GIVING TO ALL. Gen 22:18. You become a blessing to your world.

Matt 25:40. Luke 12:20  Deut 15:4

2 Sam 18:3, 1Sam 18:7, Isaiah 60:22,

Give first to God, second to household including your parents.

And number three, you minister to the needy

2 Cor 9:7 it is not about the volume, it is about your level. You are on your highway to financial fortune

“You must possess a mentality of breakthrough. You are not unlucky, you are not disadvantage. Every challenge around us is to bring out the champions in us. Therefore, this week, I decree, that the dignity of a Prince will locate you for engagement”

You are a kingdom breakthrough personality. The word you believe is what you are empowered to become. Your frustration is turned to celebration from today in the name of Jesus

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