The Power of Prayers by Dr. Uma Ukpai

finishedMen are powerless against men who know how to pray and men who are holy and who love God. Every enemy is powerless in the presence of men that know how to pray. There is Power in your hand that can turn your lamentation into laughter and turn your disgrace into grace and turn your disappointment into supernatural appointment. When you read the written word and speak the written word, you produce the living word. And that word shall mock whatever that mocks you and cause signs and wonders to happen

Men and brethren Haman had prepared where Mordacai and all the Jews were to be killed but a woman of God started to fast and pray (Esther 4:16). Tell God today, show yourself mighty on my behalf. Hear me, anybody here who has come from a family where nobody has ever prospered, if you can take up the challenge to pray and things happened, you will become the main man of that family.

Eight Things about Prayer

Number One: Prayer is the most important and powerful thing under the sun.

Number Two: The greatest thing you can do on earth, to advance your family, to advance God’s interest, to advance the church and to advance yourself is prayer

Number Three: Prayer is the railroad on which God’s locomotive power of God works.

Number Four: Prayer is the greatest Power in the entire world

Number Five: Prayer has more power, more beneath than the atomic bomb.

Number Six: God is committed to answer all prayers that are in His will and that come from a pure heart. Every prayer that agrees with the will of God and that comes out from a pure heart, God is committed to answer that prayer.

Number Seven: The helpless Soldiers of the cross are prayer warriors. Anyone who can pray very well is a kingdom soldier

Number Eight: Prayer is the shortest way to God’s heart

Number Nine: Whatever mischief the enemy is doing in your life and in your family shall soon be scattered with the power of prayer