Day 6 Gods Battle Axe By Dr Uma Ukpai

Miracle Convention 2013 Day 6

Topic: Gods Battle Axe

dr uma ukpaiThou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;” Jer 51:20. My heart bleeds when I hear believers cry that witches are attacking them. Right where you are, no witch can attack you except your hedge is lowered but tonight, your story can change

Tonight, we are going to recruit men that shall move God into action

If a man is in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away. Your mouth is a weapon for every war. I want you to tell God tonight, whatever it takes, whatever is necessary, I want to be a weapon in your hands. we have played Church for too long

If you are among those that the devil harasses and torment. What has a beginning must have an end. You shall vomit everything the devil is using to locate and torment you in the name that is above every other name. I demand you vomit out whatever the enemy has used to harass you

Where there is Power, there will be no struggle. Jesus did not bind the demon of death, he only said Lazarus come forth and it happened

Father, everyone who is crying in his heart, don’t pass me by, let that prayer be honoured. Wherever they are, Let them vomit out whatever their enemy had used to monitor them. Thou Power of God in the name of Jesus move

Uma does not pray special prayers, I pray ordinary prayers but special things happen Therefore tonight, the ability to monitor your children by the enemy shall stop

We are looking for proof producers, you must show your family that God has made you the Iroko tree of your family. Please give up one meal tomorrow as you ask God to make you a pillar of your family

Giving is living. There is no stingy man that has a future with God. To live for self is to live like a slave. Until you know how to give you don’t know how to live. And right where you are, no man shall be fruitful who is not grateful. Bless God for doing great things in your life today

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