Episode 11: Rohi😇🙏


[Mojo is a young lady. She has just given her life to Christ and is trying to navigate this Christian walk. Join her as she faces and conquers challenges in the course of living as a new creation.]

Dear Diary,

Its almost time to leave for church!😱

My stomach is in knots, I feel nauseous.🥵

This is ridiculous! Diary wish me luck, I’m out!🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️


I figured God will forgive me, 🙃But before service was over, I rushed to the spot.

I waited.😌 Diary, with this buzz buzz buzzing in my head. I waited. Stomach still not letting up🤢 . I stretched my neck in all directions above the crowds not caring that I probably looked like an ostrich poking my head the way I did.🤦🏽‍♀️

Maybe he forgot? I pretended to casually stroll by the media desk to see if he was there. He wasn’t. 🙁

I decided to buy a CD of the morning message considering I hadn’t heard a word preached during service🙈. After my purchase, I looked round once again hoping he would come rushing out from somewhere. He didn’t.😣

I had no reason to hang around. I could feel disappointment crashing down on me in waves. I needed to get out of there quickly before I embarrassed myself.😩 You know how easily I burst into tears🥺… Where was he? Why didn’t he show up?😢

gimme a sec…


Ok, I have let it all out. I am not going to shed one tear over this matter again.😠 Marry my foot! I hope I never see him again! 😡🤯

Rant over. 😇

Today wasn’t all bad. 😊 While standing outside church looking lost, a young man and a lady approached me, they were both smiling warmly.

“We just saw you standing here by yourself, do you need anything? Can we help you?”

“Uur no… I am just leaving”

“Wait a minute, I don’t recall seeing you at church before, are you new?” this was from the young man.

Is two months new? Well if I had a dress for two months ill still consider it newish😉

“Yeah, I am new.”😀

“Oh, that’s amazing! Welcome to our church!” They both cried out enthusiastically, and then the lady pulled me into a bear hug. The guy gave me that side, under his arm hug. It was cute.😊

“You must meet the rest of the group.”😲 The lady pulled me towards a cluster of people. “What’s your name?” I told her.

“Heey everyone meet Mojo, she is new to church”😁

And like a flock of birds they surrounded me. Smiling, hugging, chatting, welcoming.😁💓

Overwhelmed is an understatement.🤪 But in a really good way.🤗

What a welcome😲, where were they on my first day in this church?🤔

I know I know; I rushed out to soon to find out. lol😝

It was amazing🥰. I felt like a celebrity, everyone asking for my contact details.🤩 I can’t recall a single name, but they were all so warm and friendly. All promising to get in touch during the week. I felt good. I know it may sound silly, but I really feel God brought all of them around me…specifically today… so I wouldn’t feel so bad about … you know. 😏

Isn’t that like our Father though? 💗💖To know how sore your heart is when no one else does and send someone or something to hug you or comfort you, to remind you that he sees, and he cares? It makes me feel that my tears are not insignificant, I am NOT insignificant to Him.☝️ 💘👨‍👧

God make me, your extension so I can be your arms to hug👐🏽, your shoulder for a sob😪, your ear to listen👂🏽 and your smile😀 for a downcast heart.
In Jesus Name🙏🏽

Gen 16:13a (NLT) Thereafter, Hagar used another name to refer to the LORD, who had spoken to her. She said, “You are the God who sees me.” …

© Ogugua Ajayi

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