Uyo Miracle Convention Day 8

Hints from Uyo Miracle Convention December 11-18th 2016. Day 8 by Rev Dr Uma Ukpai

Topic: The most powerful thing under the sun- Relationship. 1 Samuel 16:14

What made Jesus powerful was his relationship with the Father. Everyday I spent 6 hours praying and studying the bible because what makes a man of God is his relationship with God. There is nothing more powerful in life than your relationship with God.

The worst thing you can do that can destroy the relationship. 1 Sam 15:1-3 is to disobey God.  Whatever you are, God made it possible so we have no reason to brag about what God gave us.

Gen 17 vs 1 Be thou perfect. Don’t defend or protect your sin.

1 Samuel 15:8-22  partial obedience can be impressive from the outside but dangerous inside. My problem is that so many of us does not know that we cannot hide anything from God. I may not know the mechanics and the dynamics of politics but I can see tomorrow.

If God has called you to be an Evangelist and half way you became a Pastor, God will not empower your ministry. All those who come to the ministry to look for money will not find money because God does not bless what he does not approved.

To obey God is better than sacrifice. And if you love this God, he will love you more

It is easy to start a habit but difficult to break it. There are people here with great future with little habit that have kept so many people captive.

God is interested in the way you handle money. What is it that God is saying you should stop so that your destiny can open up? Judges 14:2-3

Deut 34:9

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