Diary of a Christian: Valentine

Dear Diary,

Valentine’s Day is here!

It’s the first time in my adult life I haven’t planned some sort of shindig with the aim of having a good time and getting blind drunk!🤪 Old me😄

I just want to spend this time with me, myself and I. I want to find out what’s its really like to be alone.

Dear Diary, I could only handle it for 30 mins! 😱 Being alone sucks! 😭😭😭😭Well not all the time, but today for some reason I can’t deal with it. 😰

So I did the lamest and most embarrassing thing ever. I called Mum and Dad. 🤭Yeah I know!, when I told them I wanted to come over, they were so happy, excitedly telling me to come. Apparently, they had cake and ice cream all ready to indulge, including a bottle of red wine and three glasses , one with my name on it. Isn’t that sweet! . My heart melted……. It’s awesome having someone to run to, someone you know without a doubt loves you. Everyone should have at least ONE💖 and that is all you need. This for me is one of God’s greatest gifts.🙏🏽

And even though I enjoy living my best life as a single person, alone and free…💃🏽💃🏽

Not today…

Psalm 68:6a – “God sets the solitary in families;…”

Written by Ogugua Ajayi

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