Sunday Watch July 8th, 2018

Psalm 47:1-9

You shall be supernaturally enthroned for your fruitful labour.

Jesus gave thanks, Lazarus came fort

The glory of church growth goes to God but the blessings comes to us John 15:8. So your statures is changing today.  Dan 12:3. By turning many to righteousness, you shall be made the star. Everybody who has invested in prayer and resources, as the lord liveth, your level is changing today. God shall multiply your strength today

It is grace that make greatness. I see great Grace come upon your life

Gen 49:9-12  every child of God is declared a champion.  A Lion. You shall prevail while others travail.

Brand of wine

Number One. The testimony wine

The testimony of today is what set the stage for your victory tomorrow.

1 Sam 17:34. Testimonies are spiritual intoxicant. What he did before, he will do it again. They are the raw interpretations of the truth. Isaiah 55:1, 11. Every testimony is a confirmation of the word.

Number 2. Brand of Wine: Wine of Praise

2 Sam 6:14.. Praise that comes from the hearts intoxicates. When our life is addicted to His praise we live under influence of the wine and we conquer every battle. Psalm 34:1. Psalm 119:164. Mark 10:34, Exodus 33:15, Numbers 11:1. 1 Cor 10:10. There is no murmuring and complain that God does not hear, Psalm 23:3-4, I pray that the wine of praise will change your story forever. Praise provoke access to the voice of God. People who praise God as a lifestyle never lack access to the voice of God. A lifestyle of praise is what connects you the frequency of God.

By the anointing today, the oil of joy will destroy the root of complain.

I Thess 5:18, Heb 10:36

John 6:44, it is God that gives the increase. Acts 2:47, create a platform of Thanksgiving and you will multiply you. Acts 6:7, Deut 1:11. Dancing to God is not entertaining yourself but celebrating your God. Through this thanksgiving the giant in you will rise. Your captivity will be turned around.

Redemption is ordained to terminate every form of slavery in your life. Your slavery to the wicked is over and your authority over them is released.

Every enchantment against you from any source or sources are declared over today. Isaiah 10:27.  1 King 19:15-19, 2 Chronicles 22.7. It is your turn to be enthroned.