Sunday Watch from Bishop TD Jakes

Nuggets from listening to one of my mentors. Todays service with Bishop TD Jakes as I prepare for operation 30-30. Day 13

Topic: Get out of Gethsemane by Bishop TD Jakes

Mark 14:32-42

What are you going to do with your time left. Jesus had about three years with three moments. The wilderness, the garden and the cross.

People who commit suicide are not killing their past but they are killing their future.

It is not what you do in front of people that makes you great but how you manage the period of isolation.

When we wrestle, we don’t wrestle in crowd, we wrestle alone. Jesus went to the wilderness alone.

Whenever you go through anything that really matters you go through it alone. When a woman is about to bring forth her child, she goes through it alone. The push comes only from the woman.

All of us have a wilderness that we must go through alone.

The enemy tempted Jesus at the wilderness with his destiny.

What will you give up to get what you want? Your character is determined by what you wont do to get there. The test in the wilderness is will you compromise who you are to get what you want. Jesus said no to what was his.

Wilderness teaches us restrain. Don’t put all your energy to try to impress people who really never matters. Hungry people come to get something from God. The wilderness is the place where you acknowledge you are hungry.

There will always be a Ishmael before Isaac but you must hold on to the promise.

There is no debate about the promise but the promise. What will you do to get what you want. It speaks of who are.

Can God trust you why you were hungry to test if you are discipline.

Garden is the place you have pass the temptation of your enemy, it is the garden where you fight you. Jesus came and fought himself. People who want the calling without the cup. Gethsemane is where you go because you insist of having it your way. Gethsemane is where you are trying to make a deal with God. Father is there another way.

If you are going to be a great man, make sure you maintain distant supporters, you must have them without staying with them. You cant stay with them but keep them at a distant.. they are people who are with you but you have to go a little further. Jesus got peter James and John and let the others. They are designated supporters. Hand filled people that get to see more, know more than other people. They are called into your inner circle.

Anything you have distant people in designated places you will have chaos. Don’t bring your fans too close. Designated supporters is a privilege. When designated people are distant, then know you are in the wrong place.  Designated are people who can see you sweat, groan. But you must go to the divine. That is where you will find the healing. A place where you are comfortable with God.

If he cannot get out of the garden he cannot fulfil his destiny. Get out of Gethsemane. This is your time to make change.


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