Agree with me in Prayers DWD Jan. 12th, 2018

40 Days skipping of dinner. today is Day 5

Focus your prayers on wisdom, knowledge and Supernatural empowerment, Kingdom exploit,  Career favour and Power to live for God

2018, Your Gloriously Awesome Year!!  Watch the Breaking of Curses and Covenants at

Special Thanks

To AAGODCLUB Members, Your partnership commitment and participation have been our real motivation. Also, your obedience, financial support and prayers has fueled and guaranteed our stability and consistency even in the daily devotion and our many programs. We appreciate you and sincerely pray that the good LORD shall remember you and your family for all this, as you continue to support the Comfortzone and Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Ministry at Large. Happy New Year from Daddy Uma Ukpai, DrCI and the team.

Prophetic Declaration New Year: 2018 is My Year of Promotion

Declaration For January: This is my month of new beginning. The month of vision, divine direction and open heaven. I prophesy it shall be my month of divine exception, sweat-less favour and blessings. People shall gather to see and talk about what the lord has done for me and  my testimony shall be the envy of many in Jesus name Amen

Weekly Partners Declaration: This week every curse of Parents, generational curses, curse of the law, the weakness of my fathers house and curse from any man born of a woman affecting my life shall affect me no more in Jesus name Amen.


Prayer School

Bible Study: Agree with me in Prayers

Concluding Prayer

Worship song for Today:  What do You believe in


Awesomely Awesome God, thank you for bringing me to the month of January, 2018. I worship you. Be Praised forever in Jesus name

Lord, my everyday desire is to become intimate with you and to draw closer to you. Teach me how to have a relationship with you in the presence of the Holy Spirit to do business with you in the atmosphere of business as my Prince of Peace.

Father, we are preparing for many programmes in the coming year especially Anioma One Million man crusade, Aug 10-12th, 2018, release your anointing in all the places we shall be ministering. Grant us wisdom and financial increase to make it happen. Father, through the spoken word continually heal the sick, release the Power to raise the dead in Jesus name

Father Bless Daddy Uma Ukpai with wisdom and increase his anointing. Bless the wife and the children. Bless DrCI and anoint him specifically and grant them the grace to complete the project/assignment/ministry you committed into their hands. Bless all the staff of the comfortzone and UUEA.

Father, I stand to pray for my nation Nigeria (Pray for your nation). Lord, visit this nation once again and restore unto us the wasted years in Jesus name

Awesomely Awesome God, I declare I am blessed and fruitful. I shall experience spiritual stability, marital stability and financial stability, in Jesus name.

Marriage from godly perspective is good and opens door to enduring favour; Therefore,  release uncommon marital favour upon my marriage and career this year, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Lord, you made a promise that if I pay my tithes and my first fruits, You will take away sickness and calamity and poverty from me and bless me beyond measures. As I key into this revelation of financial wonder to be a consistent payer and giver especially this January, Let my blessings be manifested in Jesus name

Lord, restore to me everything the enemy had taken from me in the past years, restore my peace, my praise life, my dream, my motivation, my promised life of favour and distinction in Jesus name.

Father, Turn my curses to blessing. Give me a notable and visible miracle. Break the curse on my name and turn it to blessing in Jesus name

Father, Enlarge my coast. Enlarge my opportunity to utilize my ability and enlarge me with more useful friends, customers and associates as destiny helpers in Jesus name

Father, Anoint me and announce me with divine presence daily, and give me daily result in my entire endeavour. Renew your covenant of life with me. Keep and preserve me from all manner of evil invention and powers, in Jesus’ name.

Father, show me your glory this January, 2018; Grant me a residence in the place of vision and actualization. Make me a partaker in the place of intercession and promote me in a new way today. Let the eagle in me come alive today and begin to fly in Jesus’ name.

Daily Wisdom Devotion: Agree with me in Prayers

Psalm 35:27, Matthew 18:18-20, Luke 6:12, Matt 14:23, Luke 22:39, Deuteronomy 32:30-31, Mark 6:7, Mark 11:24, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Men and brethren, when you do business with people who don’t believe in your dreams, in your ability, in your tomorrow, you will end up becoming frustrated in that business. We must from time to look for people that will Agree with you in Prayers to bring your vision to reality. See, when you have Partnership Prayer of Agreement with people who don’t see you becoming what they are decreeing into your life. People who doubted your capacity for enlargement, people who want you to always come back to them for more prayers because of personal gain, then it is possible you will miss your land of milk and honey.  We live in a world where men prefers to mourn with you than to celebrate with you but thank God for God who rejoices in our prosperity. Psalm 35:27. This is the reason why this commission allows you to share your testimony and we have the obligation to also share it to the world. We are here to celebrate you and appreciate the goodness of God in your life.

Friends, every generation has a major Prophet sent by God to turn your lamentation to laughter and your disgrace to grace. You are connected to this family and you are under prophetic covering because of the prophetic agreement as partners to confront every satanic confrontations and demand from Heaven your kingdom privileges. Let me also say that life is made in a way that you have four mathematical people around you. The people that multiply you, the ones that divide you, the ones positioned to subtract from you and the one who is barely there to add to your life. I have learnt that the times when we ran out of life gas, times when we came to the limit of giving up and we start feeling empty and then you discover you are fighting life battle alone. A wilderness desert like Moses did before he encountered the burning bush that changed his life. Amazingly, God has made a provision to come to him in agreement and to receive forgiveness for unbelief and doubting His ability and the availability. He reinforces our original decree and we are set in spiritual motion again. We all make mistakes in the walk of faith but we have a God who knows how to convert our mess to message to our greatness if we trust Him. Therefore, no matter the storm, the important thing is to keep walking. If you miss it, go at it again. The biggest mistake of all is to become discouraged and quit before you receive your answer. But it is important that we add to our strength the ability to use the Agree with me in Prayers in all circumstances in life because there is Power in prayers.

Jesus said “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:19-20

Our master did not mean that our Awesomely Awesome God does not hear one who prays alone. It is on record that Jesus repeatedly prayed by himself. He went apart from his disciples up the mountain, into the depths of the Garden. Yet there is a special promise when two agree. Luke 6:12, Matthew 14:23, Luke 22:39, Deuteronomy 32:30. Israel became powerless because they began to trust in their own strength and wisdom. God wants us to realize that a nation or any two people will prosper if they lean on His wisdom and put their trust in His Word to overcome any obstacle that may come their way.

The man who lives by flesh is naturally selfish. We easily form the habit of thinking only of our own things, of seeking only our own good, of looking only after our own interests. One of the tendencies of praying alone is to ask for only things we need or desire for ourselves. “Forgive my iniquities, bless my affairs, heal my sickness, give me my daily bread, make me righteous, grant me favour,” our prayer is centered on yourself for yourself and family. Therefore, to pray only in this line, allow ourselves to narrow our life into complete selfishness. According Daddy Uma “when all you do is get what you can and can what you get and sit on the can and guard the can; you are as dead as a leper.” We need the impact of others. We cannot reach our best alone. Our community and nation cannot suddenly become better; it takes a collective effort of Partnership Agree with me in Prayers to make a difference.

Jesus sent the disciples to go out two and two, so that each one can kindle and inspire the other Mark 6:7. Let us stop the idea of working alone, to become president and founder alone, to become creator alone, thereby we fail to see and to know how much we owe each other. Our unconscious influence on the life and actions of those close to us is beyond measure. Sometimes we watch the burden grow bigger and too heavy for us, the temptation become too painful, the sorrow too great, and then we start to faint or fail. Always, prayer from someone else in love can be a great asset Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Do you pray for whom you love? Because not to pray, is to sin against one’s friend and against God. Our community needs our prayers, our family needs our prayers, and people always need our prayers. We should pray readily for those in trouble and even the ones who feel like superman inside because they feel telling you their problems is announcing their downfall.

It is powerful when we can show our love by our deeds including offering prayer of agreement to people who are our neighbours, making our love to them to be strong and dominant. But when your love lie dormant your life of victory lie dormant; therefore, cast down selfishness and let loose the love of God in you. Failure is impossible when love is in dominion. The word ‘agree’ is translated in The Amplified Bible as “agree and harmonize together or make a symphony together.” It is “to stipulate (demand) by contract, to arrange definitively by covenant. You must have your spirit, mind and actions in agreement with the Word. Agreeing spiritually is to agree with the Word of God. Make up your mind to believe that God’s Word is true and that it will come to pass.

The strongest satan’s battleground is your mind. You must control your thoughts. Therefore, writing down your agreement will be beneficial for this reason. It will keep it before your eyes so when your mind tries to change directions, control it with your agreement on God’s Word. Do not tie God’s hands. Allow Him to work. Then your actions must come in line. If finances are what you agreed on with your wife or husband, expect the money to come in. This is part of being in agreement. You cannot agree in prayer about something, then act the opposite and expect it to come to pass. If you do, your actions will eventually take over your thinking Mark 11:24, James 1:6-7. I challenge you to write down your agreements with your destiny prayer helper. Seeing it in black and white on paper will make a difference! You will be more likely to line up your confession and your actions with your agreement. Agreement with the Word and another believer are not the only things involved in this kind of prayer. Agreement is also harmony.

There are also people that heaven has commissioned to stand in the gap for you because a man’s anointing enables him to stand in the office of his calling. Such people are equal in fellowship with you but they are not equal in anointing with you. It is an act of curse for you not to know the man sent by God to stand between you and heaven. I want you to understand that Pastors called by God do not have the same assignment; therefore they cannot speak in the same way and do things same things methodically 1 Corinthians 7:20, 1 Timothy 3:1-13. Ephesians 4:11-13. Agreement makes prayer work. You can experience a place of agreement with God’s Word, and harmony that will produce power, as you forgive and agree with another believer. You can affect governments, families and the lives of others. You can change your financial situation; affect your church and your pastor with the power of Agreement prayer. Find someone who can agree with you according to the Word of God.

The same principle works the other way. If you are in disagreement, the door is open for Satan to come in. “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work” James 3:16. We have found this to be tremendously effective. Every Believer should have someone that they can call on for unwavering Partnership Prayer of Agreement. Get spiritually backed up. Get back into agreement and this prayer will work for you every time. It comes with a personal guarantee from the Son of Almighty God.

Then you do a little thing and stay in agreement. Keep your words in agreement with what you prayed. Praise Him and thank Him with every thought of your agreement. God will then do a big thing and demonstrate Himself strong on your behalf. God wants to answer your prayer. He wants you to be encouraged. He wants you to have confidence in the powerful Two in Partnership Prayer of Agreement. He wants you to tell others all about how powerful His kingdom is. We also recommend that couple’s team up as prayer partners, in exception that one of them is not a believer then you should look for person of the same sex to agree with you in prayers. If you do not know how to pray the Prayer of Agreement, then be a committed monthly partner of the comfortzone and join us to say, Father, as we come together over any particular promise of Your Word. We’re placing a demand upon it, respectfully. Under cooperate anointing with other members of this commission. We’re asking for a manifestation of your promise through the, Agree with me in Prayers found in Matthew 18:19 and 20, in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Let me share these testimonies before the concluding prayer

Sunday wrote:
Yesterday i wrote 8 things that i want for 2018. Never thought first one needed for the moment will be done next day so fast. So yesterday i wrote to daddy Uma today came to pass. The prayer requests will be one of the most important fulfilled wishes and blessings of our lives as parents. Thank you anointed daddy Uma.God blessings to do and to see multitudes of miracles in ministry. I believe God will grant us all eight good things and more for 2018.

Concluding Prayer of Agree with me in Prayers: Awesomely Awesome God, I come boldly before your throne of grace in Partnership Prayer of Agreement with your word prophetically released from this commission with boldness and expectancy believing for supernatural miracles. I confess from today I have a supernatural irreversible financial breakthrough and I am blessed to be a blessing to many. I confess that I shall walk in God’s special favor from today with man and God. Every negative work of the devil in my life coordinated by the pit of hell is cancelled in Jesus’ powerful name I pray, Amen.
Written by DrCI

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  1. Oh Lord my God, thank you for today and the power in agreement prayer. Father, help me and provide for me a believer whom i will be coming into agreement with Amen.

  2. Amen Daddy I have a testimony Our faithful GOD saved me and my cousin from a terrible accident at Edo state am so grateful to GOD and I given him praise Amen

  3. Awesomely awesome God, thank You for Your great grace upon Daddy Uma and Dr CI for this great commission. Father, baptise me afresh with Your fire and excellent Spirit, to manifest Your glory in another dimension in Jesus Name, Amen.

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