Retail Therapy by Ogugua Ajayi

The Diary of a Christian: Retail Therapy💆

Mojoyin is a young adult, fresh out of University. She lives in Lagos Nigeria. She has just given her life to Christ and is trying to navigate this Christian walk. Join her as she daily comes to an understanding of her new life in Christ.

Dear Diary,

I believe in God the Father, the maker of heaven and earth; I believe HE made all things for his pleasure including me🙋! But do you know what I believe he made for OUR pleasure? Shopping!💃💃💃

I don’t know how to explain it Dairy. There is something about walking into a shop knowing you are going to exit with something delicious no matter how small that just elevates your mood🤸🤸🤸.
I think, when you buy something new the thrill comes from the illusion of a fresh start. Newness, another beginning, a fresh look, the item is beautiful, and it’ll make my life beautiful, another chance. It just gets me all excited, eyes shiny, palms sweaty, heart racing… ok now why do I feel like I just described someone addicted to drugs about to get high?🙄
Any way let’s forget that, back to shopping, yes!🤩 I once saw a sign in a shop once. “Retail therapy is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” I know it’s ridiculous, but I laughed so hard. Who cares about budgets and account balances?🤷 When I need cheering up, I know where to go for a quick fix!🤸🤸🤸

But you know what? That’s all it is isn’t it? A quick fix. It’s not a solution. The pleasure only ever lasts for so long, then you are back where you started again😏. I guess it is the same thing for others to, just with different things, comfort food, alcohol, sex, partying, gossip… We are all just looking for something, that missing piece to bring it all together, to make our life make sense! But none of those things can ever really satisfy can they Diary? It started with HIM, it will end with HIM, it can only come together in HIM. HE is the missing piece. That sign should read “Come to Jesus at NO CHARGE! “ . If I needed cheering up, I should have gone to find my missing piece.

So, as I look at the many many bags of stuff I purchased today. I know what to do. Ill look through them one more time and tomorrow… ill return them.

Ok… maybe not all. Those red shoes are really cute, and they are absolutely essential to wear with my new black dress. Don’t judge me Diary. I am still a work in progress.

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