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Unlocking the Power of Abundance

Uma ukpai on Abundance

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care about them’. It is said that the eyes are better hearers than the ears. However, we discover that if we offer nothing to God, He will have nothing to use. But He can take what little we have and turn it Continue Reading →

The 12 Disciples of Achievers By Dr Uma Ukpai

achievers by dr uma ukpai

The 12 Disciples of Achievers by Dr Uma Ukpai Number One: You must sow into your future because life begins with a seed Number Two: Your tongue can shape your destiny Number Three: You are on a mission to accomplish divine intention Number Four: Your focus determines your locus Number Five: Your position determines your Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Costly

Beloved, are you one of those who have worry warts? You doubt if God is able to stand by His promise. It is time to doubt your doubt because God can never leave you nor forsake you’. Believe Him and save your health, your marriage and your future. At times Satan and doubt can make Continue Reading →

Principles of the Miraculous -Part Two

The devil is not worth your tears; in the name that is above every other name. In the name of Jesus I challenge what has challenged you. How do you say wine is finished in a wedding? It is a serious problem. The young couple were confused and running up and down not knowing what Continue Reading →

Free Ebook – The Spoken Word

Do you want an opportunity to sow into your future & destiny? Click Here Join The Awesomely Awesome God Club The Comfort Zone : Our Mission Is the Great Commision

Intimacy With God By Dr Uma Ukpai

Today teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai A man that wants to explode in his destiny, for a man that wants to be all that God wants him to be, what are the two most important things he will need? The first one is intimacy with the almighty God. Men and brethren, there is nothing as Continue Reading →

Dr Uma Ukpai in The GAME CHANGER

Todays teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai Fear is the biggest torment of life; fear of what has not happened as if it has happened. David in the scriptures was only asked by his father to take food to his brothers in the battle ground. When he got there, he saw that when Goliath shows up, Continue Reading →

2013 Your Year of Better Things – Convention Day 1

First speaker Apostle Zilly Aggrey Abundance in life is activated when you cancel your human appointments and obey spiritual authority. I want you to enter the year 2013 with unction beyond imagination. All the issues of 2012 are coming to pass in the next few days but after this program you will match into 2013 Continue Reading →

Uyo Convention – ‘BUT’ by Dr Uma Ukpai : Full Message Part 2

In 2 Kings 5:2-3, there was information that came to Naaman: the information Naaman needed to make him whole was provided by a maid. Men and brethren, Information transforms a man lack of it deforms a man. The highest mountain in a man’s life is the mountain of ignorance. A girl who was a maid; Continue Reading →

Uyo Convention – ‘BUT’ by Dr Uma Ukpai : Full Message Part 1

Final day of the convention. Teaching by Dr Uma Ukpai The bible says there was a man who occupied a high office and a soldier 2 Kings 5: 1-2. A man who was a great warrior; a man who was a commander of his people’s army; a man that had everything anybody amongst us would Continue Reading →